Urban Park
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Goal is to have 1000 Guest and a Park Rating of 600 in 3 years. Loan $25,000
Purple is what gets researched
Transport Rides Gentle Rides Rollercoasters Thrill Rides Water Rides
Miniature Railway Cycle Railway Wooden Side-Friction Twist Water Slide
Monorail Crooked House Virginia Reel Launched Freefall Log Flume
Suspended Monorail Ferris Wheel Wooden Swinging Ship River Ride
Chairlift Merry-Go-Round Wooden Wild Mouse Swinging Inverter Boat Hire
Car Ride Steel Wild Mouse 3D Cinema
Shops & Stalls Cycle Monorail Steel Mini Top Spin Themeing
Ice Cream Stall Spiral Slide Mine Train Roto-Drop
Chip Shop Circus Show Steel
Hot Dog Stall Ghost Train Steel Stand-up
Pizza Stall Steel Corkscrew
Burger Bar Suspended
Exotic Sea-Food Inverted
Drink Stall Suspended Single-Rail
Popcorn Stall Bobsled
Toffee Apple Stand Heartline Twist
Balloon Stall Flying
Souvenir Stall Reverse Freefall
Hat Stall Vertical
Information Kiosk