Much of the music for the game is stored in discreet files in the "Data" directory. (Copying and) renaming the music files extensions to ".WAV" will allow you to listen to them with any WAV-player program.

The 23 general music files are:
Css3.dat = Dodgems Beat Style (0:28 min.)
CSS18.DAT = Roman Fanfare Style (1:35 min.)
CSS19.DAT = Oriental Style (1:55 min.)
CSS20.DAT = Martian Style (2:19 min.)
CSS21.DAT = Jungle Drums Style (1:49 min.)
CSS22.DAT = Egyptian Style (1:54 min.)
CSS23.DAT = Toyland Style (2:05 min.)
CSS25.DAT = Space Style (2:52 min.)
CSS26.DAT = Horror Style (2:01 min.)
CSS27.DAT = Techno Style (1:58 min.)
CSS28.DAT = Gentle Style (2:28 min.)
CSS29.DAT = Summer Style (2:53 min.)
CSS30.DAT = Water Style (1:55 min.)
CSS31.DAT = Wild West Style (2:10 min.)
CSS32.DAT = Jurassic Style (2:13 min.)
CSS33.DAT = Rock Style (2:01 min.)
CSS34.DAT = Ragtime Style (2:39 min.)
CSS35.DAT = Fantasy Style (2:12 min.)
CSS36.DAT = Rock Style 2 (1:41 min.)
CSS37.DAT = Ice Style (2:20 min.)
CSS38.DAT = Snow Style (1:54 min.)
CSS39.DAT = Medieval Style (1:25 min.)
CSS40.DAT = Urban Style (1:59 min.)

The special Fairground Organ Style of music is actually a number of music files that are played randomly. The files are:
Css4.dat = (3:04 min.)
Css5.dat = (2:56 min.)
Css6.dat = (5:57 min.)
Css7.dat = (5:47 min.)
Css8.dat = (6:36 min.)
Css9.dat = (2:38 min.)
Css10.dat = unused
Css11.dat = (2:39 min.)
Css12.dat = unused
Css13.dat = (1:16 min.)
Css14.dat = (7:51 min.)
Css15.dat = (3:46 min.)
Css16.dat = unused

Two of the music files are "Crowd Sounds":
Css2.dat = "general guest sounds" (0:34 min.)
CSS24.DAT = "circus show sounds" (2:20 min.)

Residing on the CD is the "RCT Theme Music"
css17.dat = (1:28 min.)

The game also allows you to create two of your own music files called "Custom Music 1" and "Custom Music 2". These custom files must be in the format of a ".WAV file, PCM format, 22,050Hz, 8bit, Stereo", and to be accessible they must be placed in the "Data" directory before starting the game. The Custom Music 1 file must be named "CUSTOM1.WAV" and the Custom Music 2 file must be named "CUSTOM2.WAV".

Custom music files are an excellent way to add features such as station announcements to the Monorails, or just to allow you to play one of your favorite "Fairground Organ" songs (e.g., copy one of the Fairground Organ Style dat files and rename it) on a ride other than the Merry-go-round.

Other Sounds

These WAV files were created from some of the games background sounds

downloadLift Chain
downloadMiniature Train
downloadToilet Flushing
downloadScream 1
downloadScream 2
downloadWarning Noise

Steve Franks Sound File Replacements

downloadMonorail sounds. Public Address anouncements of "Please stay clear of the Doors", "No smoking please", and "Please hold on to the hand rails."

downloadUpbeat jungle music.