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Obscure Reading Material

Scary Dark Rides by Doug Higley
order from: Doug Higley, 111 Via Solaro, Encinitas, CA 92024-5326
subject: Ghost Trains and other "dark rides".

The Journal of Ride Theory an infrequently published magazine by Dan Howland
order from: Dan Howland, Box 2044, Portland, OR 97208-2044
subject: Amusement park rides (has included articles on Dark Rides, Motion Simulators, Disneyland rides, Worlds Fair rides, etc.).

Guide To Ride by American Coaster Enthusiasts
order from: American Coaster Enthusiasts, P.O. Box 8226, Chicago, IL 60680
subject: Operating North American Roller Coasters.

The Amusement Park Guide by Tim O'Brien
order from: Globe Pequot Press, P.O. Box 833, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
ISBN: 0-7627-0437-3
subject: Operating US and Canadian Amusement Parks.

Roller Coasters, Flumes and Flying Saucers by Robert R. Reynolds
order from: Northern Lights Publishing, 10214 Trailwood Circle, Jupiter, FL 33478
ISBN: 0-9657353-5-4
subject: The Story of Ed Morgan & Karl Bacon, ride inventors and founders of Arrow Development.

Harry G. Traver: Legends of Terror by Richard Munch
order from: Amusement Park Books, 20925 Mastick Road, Fairview Park, OH 44126
ISBN: 0-935408-02-9
subject: The Story of Harry G. Traver, ride inventor and founder of Traver Engineering. Reading Material

Change History


Defined boundary between Very High and Extreme E-I-N levels.
Added "official" Chris Sawyer scenarios for download.
Added new "official" Chris Sawyer tracks for download.
Added list of pertinent reading material.
Expanded E-I-N charts for flat rides. Every possible permutation now listed.
Added example compact Transport rides for download.
With their permission, I added Victor Davis' & Marc Blooms excellent article: "What makes an Exciting Flat Ride?".
Split the music from the Miscellaneous page to a separate Sounds page.
Added Steve Franks sound file replacements for download.
Enhanced the tables for the Observation Tower and Roto-Drop.


Added "Missing Example Tracks".
Defined "covered rides".
Added coaster building tips.
Defined boundary between Extreme and Ultra-Extreme E-I-N levels.
Added "required station platforms for maximum number of cars" field for non-train vehicles on tracked rides.
Added illustrations of the effect of Ghost Train track penetrating different land edges.

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