Under the "Build New Ride/Attraction" icon you will find 6 categories of facilities:

Transport Rides

Gentle Rides

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

Shops & Stalls

All rides have an Excitement, Intensity, and Nausea statistic which affects guests. The ranges are broadly classified as:
Low (0.0 - 2.5), Medium (2.6 - 5.0), High (5.1 - 7.6), Very High (7.7 - 10.1), Extreme (10.2 - 12.7), and Ultra-Extreme (12.8 +).

Increasing Intensity on a ride will often increase Excitement (but watch out for an increase in Nausea as well). If Intensity becomes Extreme however, Excitement will drop to Low due to guests becoming banged and bruised. Also intersperse some wimpy rides with your intense rides. Guests will become frustrated if they have to walk a long distance to find a ride that meets their Intensity preference, and guests also need an opportunity to 'build-up' to the more Intense rides.

Here is a summary of what makes an Exciting Flat Ride.
Some other before and after http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkMyths.htmlexamples and http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkMyths.htmlmore examples of how a rides Excitement can be manipulated.

Stations can be styled as: Plain; Canvas Tent; Wooden; Castle (brown); Castle (grey); Log Cabin; Jungle; Classical/Roman; Abstract; Snow/Ice; Pagoda; Space. Styling does not affect ride statistics, nor does it appear to affect a guests decision to use the ride during rain. Don't forget that in multi-station rides (maximum possible number of stations is four), the maximum length of a train and number of cars is determined by the length of the shortest station. Although the maximum possible station length is 12, do not build long stations if you do not need the capacity (vehicles travel very slowly through stations). Although you must have both an Entrance and Exit at all stations on a multistation ride, these rides can still be made mostly or wholly one-way by either reducing the queue for or eliminating access to a station Entrance.

It is important to keep ride duration under 6 minutes or guests will start complaining about wanting to get off the ride (timer starts from the moment a guest leaves the Entrance portal, so waits in a vehicle before getting a "green light" to leave the station adds to total ride duration). To keep traffic moving through a ride; experiment with setting the ride to "wait for any load", and the minimum wait time according to the formula:
Min Wait Time = Ride duration / (Vehicles on Ride - 1).

When synchronizing stations, the only important consideration is that the 'stoplights' be adjacent to each other. There is no reason you have to have equal station lengths, and with more than two synchronized stations it becomes impossible.

Ticket prices have a direct effect on a facilities "Satisfaction" with guests.

Covered Rides

Any "tracked" ride built with at least 40% of its track underground is considered a "covered ride". The following rides are by nature "covered":

Transport = Miniature Railroad using vehicles "Steam Train [Covered Cars]" or "American Style Steam Train"; Monorail; Suspended Monorail; or Chairlift.
Gentle = Crooked House; Haunted House; Merry-Go-Round; Observation Tower; Car Ride using vehicle "Trucks"; Cycle Monorail; Bumper Cars; or Circus Show.
Thrill Rides = Motion Simulator; 3D Cinema; or Enterprise.

Official Example Tracks

To be accessible, all Track Files must be stored in the "Tracks" directory. Files ending with "TD4" are tracks. Files ending with "tp4" are pictures. Note that tracks do not have to have associated pictures, but a picture must have the exact same name as the track file to be associated with it.

Included with the original game and corkscrew follies are a number of pre-built example rides:

Original Tracks

Bobsled RC = Big Bob, Mini Bob.
Car Ride = Mini Cars.
Go Karts = Figure 8 Track, Mega Track.
Hedge Maze = Mini Maze, Spiral Maze.
Inverted RC = Danglefeet.
Log Flume = Logger's Revenge.
Mine Train RC = Manic Miner.
Reverse Whoa Belly RC = Force 9.
River Rapids = Ropey Rapids.
Steel Corkscrew RC = Boomerang, Corkscrew.
Steel Mini RC = Crazy Caterpillar, Raging Rocket.
Steel RC = Exterminator, Fizzly, Shuttle Loop.
Single-Rail RC = Steeplechase.
Stand-Up Steel RC = Red Baron, Venom Rail.
Suspended RC = Flight of the Phoenix.
Suspended Single-Rail RC = Batflyer.
Vertical RC = Big 90.
Wooden Crazy Rodent RC = Crazy Vole, Mini Miner.
Wooden RC = Mischief, Woodchip.
Water Slide = Demon Drop.

Corkscrew Follies Tracks

Cycle Monorail = Cycle Monorail 1.
Flying RC = Flying Coaster 1, Flying Coaster 2.
Heartline Twister RC = Heartline Twister 1.
Steel Twister RC = Steel Twister 1.
Steel Wild Mouse RC = Steel Mouse 1, Steel Mouse 2.
Side-Friction RC = Side Friction 1, Side Friction 2.
Virginia Reel RC = Virginia Reel 1, Virginia Reel 2, Virginia Reel 3.
Wooden Reverser RC = Reverser Coaster 1.
Wooden Twister RC = Wood Twister 1, Wood Twister 2.

Missing Example Tracks

Chris Sawyer did not offer track examples for every tracked ride in the Original and Corkscrew Follies games, nor did he offer any track examples in Loopy Landscapes. Track examples are an excellent reference for a person attempting to build a ride type for the first time, so I offer these simple compact pre-built tracks to fill the missing example gap:

Original Tracks

Boat Hire = downloadCracker Jack.
Chairlifts = Sky Chaise. Included in the downloadExample Compact Transport Rides pack.
Monorail = Mondorail. Included in the downloadExample Compact Transport Rides pack.
Observation Tower = downloadSpace Needle.
Train Ride = Little Toot. Included in the downloadExample Compact Transport Rides pack.
Whoa Belly = downloadCape Canaveral.

Corkscrew Follies Tracks

Cycle Railway = downloadCyCleTram.
Ghost Train = downloadSally from "How to build an effective Ghost Train".
Miniature Golf = downloadPutt-Putt-Putt.
River Ride = downloadSplashdown.
Roto-Drop = downloadFreefall.
Suspended Monorail = Cradle Fall. Included in the downloadExample Compact Transport Rides pack.

Loopy Landscapes Tracks

Air Powered Vertical Roller Coaster = downloadCamelback.
Inverted Wild Mouse Roller Coaster = downloadFlader Maus.
Raft Ride = downloadHuck Finn.
Suspended Looping Roller Coaster = downloadHang Time.
Water Coaster = downloadDown the Drain.

Extracted Tracks

Many of the tracks Chris Sawyer created for the games scenarios can be built on flat ground. I have extracted all these tracks from the games scenarios. Note that I had to truncate some of the names so they would fit in the alloted space in the rides pick list, so refer to the actual scenario for the full name. As I have not included picture files, again please refer to the actual scenario for track plan overview and entrance/exit placement.

downloadFrom the Original scenarios. Note that for Agoraphobia to properly line up with its companion, you must first raise at least one square of station track land by a height of 7 before placing the ride.

downloadFrom the Corkscrew Follies scenarios. Note that for Hear No Evil and See No Evil to properly line up with their companion, you must first raise at least one square of station track land under each by a height of 5 before placing the rides.

downloadFrom the Loopy Landscapes scenarios.

downloadFrom the "Real" Parks scenarios.

downloadFrom the Extra scenarios.

Chris Sawyer has also offered six add-on collections of pre-built example rides:

downloadBeastly Collection

downloadCat Collection

downloadGem Collection

downloadOriginal Collection

downloadPhobias Collection

downloadWoodies Collection

The Steve Franks collections

Gamer Steve Franks has carefully and meticulously recreated many real world rides for Loopy Landscapes. Each of these http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkMyths.html"Real World Track Packs" represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RCT will allow. For even greater realism, be sure to incorporate his specially designed service and station facilities with the ride.


Just for fun I tried to create the absolute smallest functional tracks possible. Because of their very low cost and extremely tiny footprint, they can be useful in your scenarios. Since I also strove to maximize Excitement, they give a good reference for the bottom limit of the rides E-I-N specifications.

downloadMicro Transport Rides

downloadMicro Gentle Rides

downloadMicro Thrill Rides