Reverse Whoa Belly Roller Coaster

Superman: The Escape, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia CA

Default Admission: $2.00
Music: (Rock Style), Paint: Track & Car
Test button.

Maximum track slope: 90.
Other info: The ultimate speed of this ride is controlled by the length of straight track - to achieve maximum speed, a very long length of acceleration track must be built before the slope upwards.

Vehicle: Reverse Whoa Belly Car (Car for Reverse Whoa Belly Roller Coaster.)
Maximum Ride Capacity: 8 guests, Vehicle Capacity: 8 passengers.
Number of Cars: 1
Required station platforms for maximum number of cars: 1

Operation: LIM-Powered Launch Mode
Launch Speed: Each LIM track section increases vehicle speed.
Must have at least one Station Platform and one Slope Up To Vertical.
Station can be synchronized.
Limited to one station.

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