Air Powered Vertical Coaster

S&S Power Thrust Air 2000

Default Admission: $2.00
Music: (Rock Style 2), Paint: Track & Train
Test button.

Maximum track slope: 90.
Special track elements: Banked Curves, Vertical Track.
Other info: The train is launched out of the station using an air-powered launch system. To achieve a comfortable ride, the launch speed should be carefully chosen so the train is travelling at minimum speed over the crest of the hill.

Vehicle: Air Powered Coaster Train (Roller coaster train running on large rubber tires for a smooth ride.)
Maximum Ride Capacity: 16 guests, Vehicle Capacity: 2 passengers per car.
Number of Cars: 5, 6, 7, 8; Number of Trains: 1

Operation: Powered Launch Mode
Default Launch Speed: 78mph, Other Launch Speeds: 67mph, 69mph, 72mph, 74mph, 76mph, 81mph, 83mph, 85mph, 87mph, 90mph, 92mph, 94mph, 96mph, 99mph, 101mph, 103mph, 105mph, 108mph, 110mph, 112mph
Station can be synchronized.
Limited to one station.

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