Harmonic Hills
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Goal is to have 1200 Guest and a Park Rating of 600 in 3 years. Loan $25,000
Purple is what gets researched
Transport Rides Gentle Rides Rollercoasters Thrill Rides Water Rides
Chairlift Hedge Maze Virginia Reel Twist Water Slide
Merry-Go-Round Wooden Twist Go Karts Log Flume
Shops & Stalls Miniature Golf Wooden Wild Mouse Motion Simulator
Ice Cream Stall Car Ride Steel Wild Mouse Themeing
Chip Shop Cycle Monorail Steel Mini
Hot Dog Stall Circus Show Mine Train
Pizza Stall Steel
Burger Bar Suspended
Exotic Sea-Food Suspended Single-Rail
Drink Stall Vertical
Candyfloss Stall
Popcorn Stall
Toffee Apple Stand
Balloon Stall
Souvenir Stall
Hat Stall
Information Kiosk