Fruit Farm
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Goal is to have 1100 Guest and a Park Rating of 600 in 2 years. Loan $16,000
Purple is what gets researched
Transport Rides Gentle Rides Rollercoasters Thrill Rides Water Rides
Miniature Railway Cycle Railway Wooden Side-Friction Twist Water Slide
Monorail Crooked House Virginia Reel Launched Freefall Log Flume
Chairlift Haunted House Wooden Reverser Swinging Ship River Rapids
Ferris Wheel Wooden Go Karts River Ride
Shops & Stalls Hedge Maze Wooden Twist Swinging Inverter Boat Hire
Ice Cream Stall Merry-Go-Round Wooden Wild Mouse Motion Simulator
Chip Shop Miniature Golf Steel Wild Mouse 3D Cinema Themeing
Hot Dog Stall Observation Tower Steel Mini Top Spin Classical/Roman
Pizza Stall Car Ride Mine Train Roto-Drop Egyptain
Burger Bar Cycle Monorail Steel Mine
Drink Stall Dodgems Steel Corkscrew Martian
Candyfloss Stall Circus Show Steel Twist Wonderland
Balloon Stall Ghost Train Suspended Jurrassic
Souvenir Stall Flying Saucers Inverted Spooky
Hat Stall Bobsled Jungle
Information Kiosk Heartline Twist Abstract
Toilets Flying
Reverse Freefall